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Requesting a TSA or PREPOST Report from SkillTRAN


  1. Complete our Case Preparation Guide. CASE PREP GUIDE

      Use our FREE web tool to
     Lookup DOT Occupations. FREE DOT LOOKUP

      Use the Pocket Guide to the DOT to help you understand/select the Post-Injury Worker Profile adjustments you need to apply.

  2. Submit the completed Case Preparation Guide to us by:
            Email to 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 
            Fax the completed form to SkillTRAN at 800-827-2182

SkillTRAN will run the report(s) using our PC-based OASYS software and email to you within one business day. There is no charge for re-runs or multiple hypotheticals.

We will invoice the report at the normal online rate ($35 for TSA/$60 for PREPOST).
 Just call us to ask for additional assistance - 800-827-2182

NOTE: OASYS reports use slightly different terms to describe transferable occupations. This OASYS vs. PPS/PREPOST Guide will help you understand terminology differences in the report formats.