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Prices for Internet-Based Services

SOS - SkillTRAN Online Services Pricing


SkillTRAN operates and maintains online secure services for the processing of information submitted by the customer. SkillTRAN Online Services ("SOS") are generally available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, except for periods of scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.

The customer's access to SOS is via the Internet using a secure character-based method of communications for access to the classic services, or using the new secure web-based service(s). During interaction with SOS, the customer will be notified that a transaction fee will be charged to continue. These transaction fees may be changed with notice at this website and via email. All prices quoted are payable in US Dollars only.

SOS reports are tuned for several primary groups of end users:

  • Rehabilitation, Forensic, and Career Guidance Professionals
  • Rehabilitation clients and non-disabled persons in career transition

Reports for Rehabilitation and Forensics

PPS - Placement Planning Service

  • $ 35.00 - Transferable Skills Analysis or Special Interest Search
  • + Optional Labor Market Information (Click for pricing)
  • + Optional Business Listings (Click for pricing)
  • + Optional Real Job Openings (Click for pricing)

PREPOST - Pre-Injury/Post-Injury Analysis Service

  • $ 60.00 - Report (with or without basic labor market information)
  • + Optional Business Listings (Click for pricing)
  • + Optional Real Job Openings (Click for pricing)

Reports for Non-Disabled Career Planning

CCS - Career Consulting Service

  • $ 15.00 - Helps non-disabled persons evaluate career alternatives using transferable skills and interests. Great for career transition.

Labor Market Information (On the new web-based service)

  • $ 5.00 - Long Term Employment Projections
  • National & Statewide (when available) - Up to 5 reports
  • $ 10.00 - Wage Information and Employment Numbers
  • Up to 5 reports - any combination of available reports.

National CPS Data (Combined men/women, men only and/or women only) counts as one report. OES Data - National and Statewide is counted as one report each. OES MSA reports are counted as one report per each MSA. You can request 3 wage reports of any kind, then come back another day to request an additional 2 wage reports of any kind at no additional charge. Wage reports include employment numbers.

Pricing for Employer Listings

$ 35 - up to 50 employer listings
$ 65 - up to 100 employer listings
$ 95 - up to 150 employer listings
$ 120 - up to 200 employer listings
$ 165 - up to 300 employer listings
$ 265 - up to 500 employer listings
$ 500 - up to 1,000 employer listings

Pricing for Real Job Openings

There is no charge for searching Real Job Openings at this time.


Annual Subscription Rates for Web-Based Services

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