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Placement Planning Service, PREPOST, Career Consulting Service

Online Services for Rehabilitation, Forensic and Career Planning

PPS - Placement Planning Service

The Placement Planning Service is SkillTRAN's most powerful all-purpose product. It is designed for complete vocational planning and job placement solutions of all kinds of clients, particularly for persons with disabilities. It is the workhorse product most often used by vocational rehabilitation and case management professionals. PPS can identify feasible occupations for an individual using residual post-injury capacities, transferable skills from past work history, preferences, and/or interests. PPS has built-in support for storage of client data.

  • Generates a report intended for professional use and interpretation
  • Transferable Skills Analysis (Classic WORK and MPSMS Model)
  • Interest Searches (Using GOE codes or key words of interest)
  • Custom Searches (User selected categories to search)
  • Compare a client's background to an Intended Vocational Goal
  • Optional National Occupational Employment Projections
  • Optional National and Local Employment Numbers & Wage Information (Hundreds of Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Areas - MSAs & Rural areas, too!)
  • Optional Employer Listings for Job Search and Labor Market Survey
  • Optional Real Job Openings
  • Private storage of information about clients
  • Instant Report delivery by email

Click here to see a Sample PPS Report

PREPOST - Pre-Injury/Post-Injury Analysis

PREPOST is used by vocational experts and attorneys in litigated cases including: worker compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability. The PREPOST analysis quickly documents many critical vocational issues in a clear, defensible report. PREPOST analysis is based on true transferable skills (the Classic WORK Field/MPSMS Model) and is appropriate for individuals with a significant work history and/or a clear cut career path. Local labor market information estimates differences in pre-injury vs. post-injury wages by occupational group.

  • Generates a report intended for professional use and interpretation
  • Classic Transferable Skills Analysis - 8 simultaneous searches
  • Adjusts for Pre-Injury and Post-Injury characteristics
  • Determines Pre-Injury vs. Post-Injury Occupational Access using Transferable Skills
  • Separately Examines unskilled occupations (optional)
  • Calculates Percentage of Occupational Loss
  • National and Local Wage Information
  • Optional Employer Listings for Labor Market Survey (millions on file)
  • Optional Real Job Openings
  • Instant Report delivery by email

Click here to see a Sample PREPOST Report

SkillTRAN Online Services for Career Planning and Placement

Career Consulting Service

CCS identifies occupations a non-disabled person can do using transferable skills and interests from past work experience and training. The report generated by CCS IS EASILY INTERPRETED BY THE CLIENT. The report encourages active, self-directed client decision making. It is best when followed up with the labor market information available in the new web-based service after the client has narrowed vocational choices down to a few realistic possibilities. CCS is designed for high volume processing of cases in outplacement, transition assistance, welfare return-to-work, schools, military --> civilian transition, etc.

If a client has a disabling condition, use PPS instead for career planning purposes. The PPS report will require professional input and interpretation. CCS may also be useful in divorce cases, as it considers occupations within a narrow band of transferability and interests.

  • Generates a self-interpreting report intended for direct client interpretation and self-directed career planning
  • Appropriate for all types of non-disabled workers
  • Complete job descriptions for 12,741 occupations
  • National and local employment projections
  • Wage information creates realistic understanding of the local labor market in many locations
  • Encourages career decision making based on local realities

Click here to see a sample CCS Sample Report

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