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  • Occupational Lookups + Worker Trait Search

  • Includes all functions of OccuBrowse Web
  • Includes SkillTRAN Industry Context to estimate DOT employment

  • Includes all functions of OccuBrowse Web and Job Browser Pro Web
  • Existing Customers: Contact SkillTRAN for special pricing!
  • Discounts will be applied for multiple services and/or multiple users
  • Unlimited TSS for unlimited number of clients

  • Includes secure storage of client data, work history, ability profile, various occupational searches, report production and archiving, labor market information
  • Unlimited re-runs of the same client by the same user (TSS + PrePost)
  • No Signup Fee
  • No monthly minimum

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* TSS accounts are invoiced at the end of each day when a new case (client) is run. No charge for re-runs of the same service for the same client case.

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