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Lookup any occupation title from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles
(Fourth Edition 1991, amended 1998)

Version 1.6


A Budget-Friendly Windows Tool for Case Managers, Counselors and Clients:

  • Career Exploration
  • Vocational Planning
  • Job Analysis
  • Vocational Expert Testimony
  • Labor Market Information
  • ( National, Statewide, and Regional )
  • Resume Preparation
  • ADA Job Descriptions
  • Online Updates

JOB BROWSER Pro is a remarkable professional-strength yet customer-friendly WINDOWS software tool for career exploration and planning, SSA VE and Forensic Testimony, wage and employment numbers and projections, resume preparation and ADA conforming job descriptions. Simple, straight-forward, affordable access to the information you need every day. JOB BROWSER Pro interweaves the complete occupational text and images from the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) with the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, all its associated worker characteristics, and cross references to all other major coding systems, including O*NET codes. JOB BROWSER Pro features a revolutionary, industry-changing, and continuously peer-reviewed methodology to estimate DOT employment numbers using standard government data.

Developed for disability management and career transition professionals and their clients, JOB BROWSER Pro enables quick access to an enormous amount occupational and labor market information. JOB BROWSER Pro provides comprehensive data for more than 12,700 unique occupations, plus new and emerging occupations. Specific information is easily retrieved by job title, a partial title, even a key words in the job descriptions! Any list of matching titles can be narrowed to light and sedentary strength only. This feature helps identify alternate, light duty jobs for corporate disability management (early return to work) and rehabilitation or transitional career planning. JOB BROWSER Pro includes:

  • More than 12,700 unique job descriptions and worker chararacteristics
  • More than 36,000 alternate civilian and military titles by which these occupations might be known
  • Entire DOT - Including all worker characteristics (codes and narrative)
  • National, Statewide and Regional Wage and Employment Numbers
  • National Job Outlook by Occupation by Industry to Year 2016
  • Skill and Competency information
  • New, emerging occupations
  • Seventeen easy search/lookup methods, including NOC codes
  • New Holland Code Search (R-I-A-S-E-C) for occupations within an SVP range
  • The entire Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
  • Full copy & paste to other Windows programs
  • Hyperlinks from any DOT occupation to O*NET Online
  • Fully integrated, editable Job Analysis Format
  • Hyperlink to optional Business Listings for Labor Market Research

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