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Lookup any occupation title from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles
(Fourth Edition 1991, amended 1998)

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Quick Answers to Common Vocational Questions:

  • Occupational Infomation by Job Title, Partial Title, job description
  • Occupational Information by Interest - GOE & Holland [R-I-A-S-E-C]
  • Occupational Information by SOC 2000 / O*NET Groups
  • Hyperlinks to O*NET Online and Sources of Additional Information
  • National, Statewide, Metropolitan/Micropolitan (MSA) and now 175 NON-MSA (Rural Regions) for Wage and Employment Numbers by Occupational Employment Survey (OES) statistical group
  • Estimates of DOT Employment Numbers using standard OES data
  • Full-Time / Part-Time / Self-Employment Percentages
  • Advanced Searches for Vocational Professionals
  • What if I can't lift over 20 pounds? ... or would prefer not to!
  • Transferable Skills Issues (lightweight process for simple cases)
  • Job Analysis with fully integrated, editable format for ADA compliance
  • Job Descriptions for Personnel Management & Resumé Preparation
  • Education - What occupations can be done with training or education in ... ?
  • Ideas for On-The-Job Training in an Industry
  • Development of an IEP or OJT Plan
  • Long Term Job Outlook and Earnings Information
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Top Jobs - The Fastest Growing Occupations, by Educational Level Expected - With National Wages
  • New, Emerging Occupations
  • What are all the DOT occupations in a particular CENSUS 2000 code, OES code, or other code?
  • Better Than Books ... easy cross-referencing by mouse click
  • Resumé Writing Tips
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