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Just sayin' ... our customers say things best.  Here is a list of customer comments gathered from all parts hither-and-yon on this new SkillTRAN web site.

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Customer Comments

3 months 16 days

Question: i have a tablet amzon i want to software in tablet SkillTRAN Answer: An Amazon tablet is an Android-based oper

Ron C.
5 months

Answer: We are working on a new version with substantial database changes and enhancements. Please contact our support depar

Curtis B.
5 months 2 days

Answer: Please call our Support at 800-827-2182 between 7am and 5 pm Pacific Time. Choose Option 2 - Support and we will work

Rick O.
5 months 5 days

Question: I am interested in Job Browser pro. Specifically the estimates of job numbers at the DOT level. How are these esti

Nancy Henderson
5 months 11 days

Answer. It is possible to do a mini-TSA using OccuBrowse on the Web. It takes a bit of work, but it can be done. Our new Tran

Deborah Robichaux
5 months 18 days

Answer. Job Browser Pro is built to run on a Windows operating system, whether native or not. A Mac computer can run a window

Carrol W.
8 months 24 days

I use Job Browser Pro version 1.6.6; however, it seems to have a glitch with windows 10. It opens as long as my laptop is do

howard o.
10 months 10 days

Q. renewed licenses for two and since we have switched computers i need a link to the program to download it. SkillTRAN Re

10 months 28 days

SkillTRAN Response: Contact us directly. We can do both remote support and remote installation across the internet - for Wind

Minimum Tablet Requirements
1 year 1 month

SkillTRAN Response: The most important requirement is for the tablet to be running the Windows operating system (Windows 10,