Information For Important Work Decisions
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CCS - Career Consulting Service

CCS identifies occupations a person can do using transferable skills and interests from past work experience and training. The report generated by CCS IS EASILY INTERPRETED BY THE CLIENT. The report encourages active, self-directed client decision making by non-disabled clients. It is best when followed up with supplementary labor market information after the client has narrowed vocational choices down to a few realistic possibilities. CCS is designed for high volume processing of cases in outplacement, transition assistance, welfare return-to-work, schools, military --> civilian transition, etc. CCS may also be useful in divorce cases, as it considers occupations within a narrow band of transferability and interests.

NOTE: If a client has a disabling condition, use PPS instead for career planning purposes. The PPS report will require professional input and interpretation. 

  • Generates a self-interpreting report intended for direct client interpretation and self-directed career planning 
  • Appropriate for all types of non-disabled workers 
  • Complete job descriptions for 12,741 occupations 
  • National and local employment estimates 
  • Wage information creates realistic understanding of the local labor market in many locations 
  • Encourages career decision making based on local realities 

Click here to see a sample CCS Sample Report