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What is "Maintenance and Support"

Description of Maintenance and Support Services (PC products)

Maintenance and Support Services are included in the initial 1 year period after purchase of a PC-based product such as OccuBrowse, Job Browser Pro, or OASYS. After that an annual fee is charged in order to provide ongoing customer support and both data and programming updates. Only customers with paid, active maintenance and support services are entitled to these services, which include:

Telephone support is available to answer any questions you may have about the software. Our support desk operates 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday Pacific time, except for holidays.


SkillTRAN computer software sometimes changes to reflect more exacting requirements, change requests made by customers, and performance improvements for the benefit of all customers. These updates are made via the internet and interaction between the licensed software and SkillTRAN web servers. Alternate methods of update are possible for corporate/government customers.

Errors are defined as "malfunctions caused by incorrect processing of data." Such errors shall be corrected in a timely fashion and provided to Customer.

DOT MODIFICATIONS: Occupational characteristic variables are modified by the Department of Labor on an unscheduled, periodic basis. Such modifications shall be provided to the Customer at no charge, although such changes are rare due to the age of the DOT data set and its related tables. On occasion, SkillTRAN has learned of coding errors reported by customers (e.g. MPSMS codes) and corrected the government coding to reflect the proper code. Usually these are characterized as a typo with characters out of proper order.
DOT SUPPLEMENTS: When DOT supplements are made available by the U.S. DOL, they will be provided in a database revision at no charge. 
OCCUPATIONAL EMPLOYMENT AND WAGE DATA (OEWS) is updated on an annual basis. In most cases OEWS data shall be made available to Customer at no charge. Some states may require that we charge a royalty to each Customer who uses their data. In those states SkillTRAN may invoice Customer for said additional royalty amount.
EMPLOYMENT PROJECTIONS DATA is updated nationally on an annual basis. In most cases this data will be made available to Customer at no charge. Some states may require that we charge a royalty to each Customer who uses their data. In those states SkillTRAN may invoice Customer for said additional royalty amount.
DATA CLASSIFICATION CHANGES: Database updates assume no change in the way information is classified. When data classifications do change, SkillTRAN  will take care of the research work needed to continue to integrate the updated data format into its various services. SkillTRAN reserves an option to charge Customer for any custom work necessary to update/supplement its various databases and web services. Customer shall be notified in advance of any additional program modification costs due to such a change.

Customers with PC software sometimes upgrade computers. SkillTRAN typically does a remote installation using the internet and our Teamviewer support tool.
A nominal charge may be made to Customer in the event CD replacement is required. Most of the time, reinstallation of PC-based software can be achieved at no additional charge via internet download and installation assistance by SkillTRAN.

The availability of SkillTRAN personnel to provide services is a matter of priority within our normal business hours. Customers protected by this agreement receive SkillTRAN’s highest scheduling priority.

SkillTRAN's preferred mode of support is by phone and use of a remote access product called Teamviewer, which enables SkillTRAN to remotely login to the customer's computer, investigate and issue, and usually fix it right away. We recognize that some corporate/government environments may not permit such access, so we can also make data files available for download by technical support personnel within your organization. SkillTRAN can provide verbal/written  guidance for support personnel.

After the first year of bundled maintenance and support with the initial product purchase from SkillTRAN, customer must renew their annual maintenance and support to obtain all of the services above and any new features added by SkillTRAN. Otherwise, the licensed product will continue to work as it did when support was last available. Data and program updates will no longer occur and labor market data will deteriorate in its utility since it will not be updated. SkillTRAN will apply a surcharge to customer when maintenance and support fees have lapsed for a significant amount of time and customer desires to resume maintenance and support services.

Maintenance and Support Services (Web-based Services)

Web-based services provided by SkillTRAN require a subscription (usually annual). When the subscription period is over, access to the service expires until renewed by the customer. SkillTRAN web-based services run 24 x 7 except for scheduled periods of maintenance/updates. Since SkillTRAN controls these updates on its web server(s) and dedicated database server, all customers will have access to the latest available version during their subscription period. SkillTRAN makes an effort to release new features and other PC   programming changes and web-based updates at approximately the same time (within a day or so) of PC-based product/data updates. SkillTRAN web services are meant to be compatible with all modern browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. We no longer support web access by Internet Explorer. SkillTRAN follows modern standards of design for accessibility by vision-impaired users.


Updated 3/29/2024 by SkillTRAN LLC

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