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Labor Market Information & Employer Listings

Labor Market Information (Wages and Employment Numbers), Employer Listings for Labor Market Survey & Job Search, and Current REAL JOB OPENINGS

SkillTRAN's latest online product is a new secure web-based service for obtaining Labor Market Information (LMI), employer listings and/or current Job Openings anywhere in the United States. Currently available LMI includes:

  • Detailed Physical Demand, Environmental Conditions, and Occupational Cross References for all DOT occupations
  • Quick lookup of occupational & labor market information for one or a group of occupations (without doing a skills or interest search)
  • National Current Population Survey (CENSUS) Employment Numbers and mean and median wages for combined men and women, men only, and women only.
  • National, Statewide, & Local MSA Occupational Employment Survey (OES) Employment numbers and mean and %ile median wages. Includes local Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and rural areas.
  • National Occupational Employment Projections
  • Employer Listings for cold Job Search and Labor Market Survey
  • Real Job Openings - current and comprehensive
  • Report Finder (FREE temporary storage & retrieval of of recent reports)

A prior SkillTRAN TSA (Transferable Skills Analysis) report is NOT required. If you have already invested in other DOT-based software such as OccuBrowse or OASYS, you can use the results of that software as your starting place for the employer listings you need for conducting a thorough Labor Market Survey or for Real Job Openings. SkillTRAN Employer Listings and Real Job Openings take you the rest of the way to establishing feasibility, sponsoring a job search to find current opportunities, and developing better founded expert opinions.

The special employer listing report can include additional questions you want to ask during your actual survey calls to employers. SkillTRAN suggests the types of industry that are likely to be appropriate for contacts in the context of each DOT occupation you identify for labor market research. You can add your own industry choices by key word or industry category.

The popular Employer Listings report format now includes:

  • Name, address, phone number, business type of potential employers
  • Additional data fields when available: Year Started, SOHO (Small Office / Home Office)
  • Ability to select employers by Size (number of employees) and Location (Radius around a Zip Code, City, County, Metropolitan Statistical Area, State, Region, Nationally)
  • Information is updated periodically, with high accuracy from multiple public data resources - 10+ million business listings on file
  • Uses the new NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) that replaces the venerable SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
  • Smart Selection Technology chooses the most reliable employer listings on file.
  • Contact names are optimized for those with most likely hiring authority.
  • Summary report shows the random sample size selected for survey
  • Sample Labor Market Information Reports for occupational groups:
    • Current Population Survey (CPS) - Census
    • OES-National 
    • OES-Statewide (e.g. WA)
    • OES - MSA (e.g. Seattle and Tacoma)
    • National Occupational Employment Projections

Click here to see a Sample Employer Listings Report

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