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SkillTRAN has designed and continues to innovate, develop, deliver, support, and maintain comprehensive database information products for professional vocational counselors. SkillTRAN is pleased to be able to continue this legacy of innovation, affordable service and unparalleled support to the vocational industry.

SkillTRAN acquired all the assets of VERTEK OIS, Inc. on September 1, 2010. SkillTRAN is the new home for VERTEK·® products, including:

  • OccuBrowse
  • OccuBrowse +®
  • OASYS Job Match

SkillTRAN President Jeff Truthan has served the rehabilitation and disability management industry since 1973. Trained as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Jeff spent nine years in direct client services as a VRC and Vocational Evaluator. Using this "knowledge from the trenches" from 1985 to 1997, he served in a variety of support, sales, training, administrative and product management capacities at Ability Information Systems / CAPCO: The Capability Corporation / JobQuest. He had the opportunity to design and support:

  • EZ-DOT
  • Job Browser Pro
  • Placement Problem Solver (PPS)
  • Career Capability Search (CCS)

SkillTRAN continues its multi-year effort to re-engineer its Classic Services into a modern web-based format. Together with the integration of VERTEK features, this is leading to many exciting new product features, with plenty more in the development hopper. SkillTRAN recently launched its latest web-based Transferable Skills Service (TSS).

Jeff is highly attuned to the needs of vocational rehabilitation and disability management professionals. Click here for Jeff's LinkedIn profile. SkillTRAN relies on a select team of talented and experienced customer/administrative support, programmers/developers, and local sales representatives to breathe life into the re-engineered designs. Meet our team.