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PREPOST - Pre-Injury/Post-Injury Analysis

PREPOST is used by vocational experts and attorneys in litigated cases including: worker compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability. The PREPOST analysis quickly documents many critical vocational issues in a clear, defensible report. PREPOST analysis is based on true transferable skills (the Classic WORK Field, SVP and MPSMS Model) and is appropriate for individuals with a significant work history and/or a clear cut career path.

  • Generates a report intended for professional use and interpretation 
  • Shows Full Details about Work History, Residual Post-Injury Abilities, Skill Components Considered
  • Uses Classic Transferable Skills Analysis - multiple simultaneous searches 
  • Adjusts for Pre-Injury and Post-Injury worker characteristics 
  • Determines Pre-Injury vs. Post-Injury Occupational Access using Transferable Skills (Direct and General)
  • Separately searches and calculates loss of unskilled occupations
  • Calculates Percentage of Occupational Loss for Direct, General, and Unskilled Occupations
  • Groups results by Type of Transferability and Skill Level Groups 
  • Encrypted report storage and secure report retrieval
  • Report can be printed or converted to PDF or DOCX format
  • Continuing development will add Labor Market Loss and Wage Loss reporting in early 2019 

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