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Job Browser Pro

An indispensable, budget-friendly, and easy-to-use Windows software product designed for career guidance, transition, disability management and legal professionals in many settings, including rehabilitation, education, expert testimony, claims representation, disability claims management, workforce development, military, outplacement and career transition.

Core Features:

  • Estimated Employment Numbers at the DOT level
  • Employment Numbers and Wage data for National, State, and Region [Metropolitan / Non-Metro / Rural]
  • Full-Time / Part-Time / Self-Employment Percentages
  • Report format enhancements with direct hyperlinks to the original data source
  • Citations for all data sources (legal “Bluebook” format)Descriptions and detailed worker characteristics [SCODOT] for each DOT occupation + Date Last Updated
  • Pre-sorting of matching titles by industry, strength, and title. Click column headers to re-sort lists of titles
  • Web-enabled hyperlinks to O*NET Online, Schools, and other sources of labor market information
  • Single click hyperlink to all available data from the latest Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS) based on Standard Occupational Classification 2018.
  • Search by Job Title or DOT code, Keyword(s) in the DOT description, Interest, Top Jobs, Industry, Education (CIP), and Advanced Searches [ Work Fields, MPSMS, Census, GOE, OGA, Data-People-Things,
  • SOC/O*NET, Unskilled, and NOC codes ]
  • Unskilled Search shows all 3,100+ unskilled occupations
  • One-click button to filter any displayed list of matching job titles to show only Light and Sedentary occupations
  • Print a displayed list of matching titles from a search to any printer or Save to an HTML file (web page)
  • Cross references to all major national occupational coding systems, including Census, SOC, O*NET, NOC and the SOC-based O*NET codes (current codes and historic codes)
  • Copy and paste from any Job Browser Pro window to your favorite Windows word processor
  • Full keyboard control for the visually impaired and mouse-challenged

Core Data Files:

  • Complete Dictionary of Occupational Titles (more than 12,700 occupations and 36,000+ alternate military and civilian titles by which the 12,700+ DOT occupations are also known)
  • All DOT worker characteristics [ Strength, Physical Demands, Environmental Conditions, General Educational Development (GED-RML), Specific Vocational Preparation, Aptitudes, Temperaments]
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) with photos & full OOH integration to Detailed DOT Job Specialties
  • OES- Occupational Employment Statistics- National, Statewide, and Regional Mean/Median Employment Numbers and Wages
  • CENSUS (Current Population Survey) National wages & employment - Mean, median, male, female, combined M/F
  • Long Term Job Outlook – OES National Projections by industry with intervening current year estimates & occupational density

Price:  $ 659.00 - Call for Quantity/Multi-user Discounts

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Ron C.
Answer: We are working on a new version with substantial database changes and enhancements. Please contact our support department for assistance with getting your existing installations working properly. They should be performing just fine. 800-827-2182 - Option 2 - Support - Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm Pacific Time.

Question: Do you have a new version for JobPro available to use, we have 4 licenses and are having issue with it not performing well.