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Getting Help

Even with well-designed software, sometimes things may not be quite clear about what a particular button does or why it might be relevant to push that button. We have several ways to help you out:

  1. Help Button - In our PC products, every screen has a Help button.  Click the button or press the F1 key to get a detailed set of instructions about that screen.
                            In our Internet-Based software - Classic Services, type H1 then press the Enter key to see help on a particular item #1.
                            In our Web-based Labor Market Information site, look for the blue square Help Button image in it.  Click it to get help for that screen.
  2. Wander through our various "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" or support topics online by product. Chances are that an answer lurks in waiting for you.
  3. Call us at 800-827-2182 during support hours (Monday-Friday - 7am to 5 pm - Pacific Time Zone). We will be glad to help you with your situation.  

    We have invested in technology to reach out and show you how things work and to fix issues right on your own computer, too!


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Question: I got a new laptop and it does not have a disc drive. can you provide a link to download the software and I can put in my license number that way?

Answer: Please contact us during our normal support hours (7 am to 5 pm - Monday through Friday, Pacific Time Zone). We can do this installation across the internet with you directly to your new computer.

Carrol W.
I use Job Browser Pro version 1.6.6; however, it seems to have a glitch with windows 10. It opens as long as my laptop is docked, but will not open when I am away from my desk and need to access it just on my laptop. I met with a tech who confirmed it is a windows 10 issue. Any suggestions?

SkillTRAN Reply:
Unlikely to be a Windows 10 issue. Am going to bet that when you are docked, you are using a second monitor as an extended desktop and that you use Job Browser Pro in that second monitor. When you close down Job Browser, it remembers the screen position you last used, say 2200 pixels out from the left side of the docking station and 300 pixels from the top edge. When you are undocked and use your laptop, Job Browser fires up, but "displays" at 2200 pixels from the left of your laptop screen, which may only be 1900 pixels wide. It tries to display 300 pixels to the right of you rightmost edge.
So there are several ways to resolve this. Here is the easiest:
1. Alt-Tab to select the Job Browser Pro program (icon)
2. Alt + Space, then press M (for move)
3. Hold the left arrow key down for a while and the program should move leftward into view on your laptop monitor, which is now the primary screen.
If this does not help, please call 800-827-2182 for Support and we can get you fixed up quickly. Support hours are 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.

Customer Response:
Thank you so much!!! That resolved my issue. Excellent customer service!!!

howard o.
Q. renewed licenses for two and since we have switched computers i need a link to the program to download it.

SkillTRAN Reply:
Thanks for your renewal. Please call SkillTRAN at 800-827-2182, Option 2 – Support and we can get you re-installed remotely.