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John Reeves
Manager - Sales | Training
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Miscellaneous Information:

John Reeves, MA, has joined SkillTRAN as our new National Sales and Training Manager. Starting in the early 1990’s John worked as a salesperson and trainer for VERTEK, and then SkillTRAN, as well as the Vocational Research Institute. After a brief attempt at retirement in 2020, the irresistible call to be part of the next great thing in vocational software brought him back to SkillTRAN. John has a Masters degree in Human Resource Development from Norwich University and has also worked as both a service provider and training contractor for various State VR’s, insurance companies and private practitioners.

John Reeves has focused his career on helping people determine, achieve and excel at their business and career goals - through assessment, career development, business development, product development, sales, and training.  If you search keywords like transferable skills analysis or aptitude assessment . . . you will probably find something John has written at or near the top of the search results.