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Knee or Ankle Injury

Knee / Ankle Injury

Adjust Physical Demands: Strength, Climbing, Balancing, Kneeling, Crouching, Crawling

Adjust Environmental Conditions: Vibration and High, Exposed Places

Adjust Aptitude E - Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination

Rationale: Some or all of these area can be significantly restricted by impairment of the lower extremities. Follow medical advice carefully, but try to assign ratings at levels anticipated with maximum medical improvement.

Impact: With the exception of Strength, none of these variables is severely restrictive of the occupational database. Study the table excerpts below to determine the impact of each characteristic.

STRENGTH - Frequency Counts [Full Details]

strength3 frequency

PHYSICAL DEMANDS - Frequency Counts [Full Table]

Below is the frequency with which each factor is rated in the DOT

kneeankle physical

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS - Frequency Counts [Full Table]

kneeankle environ

APTITUDE LEVEL - Frequency Counts [Full Table]

kneeankle aptitude



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