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Sit-Stand Occupations

Sit / Stand Jobs

Set Strength = Light 

Rationale: The DOL aggregates its observations of:

  • Sitting, walking, and standing (positions of the worker's body)
  • Weights lifted or carried
  • Forces executed to push or pull
  • Hand-arm / foot-leg controls used.

A single strength rating is assigned to summarize all of these observations. This aggregation of data prevents clear isolation of occupations which require alternate or regular periods of walking or standing. Light work is a more appropriate rating, since several filters limit the amount of weights lifted or carried to 20 lbs. occasionally, 10 lbs frequently, or a negligible weight/force constantly. Light weight may also involve some significant walking/standing, use of arm and/or leg controls, or a constant production pace even if with "negligible" weights/forces.

Impact: Using light strength greatly increases the number of possible occupations that can be searched. Only about 11% of the DOT occupations are rated sedentary. Nearly 50% are rated light. Setting strength to light considers both sedentary and light options, or about 61% of the DOT. Many more possibilities are generated at the light strength level. Carefully study the search results to identify the best occupational alternatives. In actual job placement, remember that job accommodation, assistive technology and restructuring are often possible. 

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