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No Overhead Reaching

No Overhead Reaching

Set Physical Demand - Reaching = Frequent

Set Aptitude K (Motor Coordination) = 4 (Below Average)

Set Aptitude M (Manual Dexterity) = 4 (Below Average)

Rationale: When observing a job's reaching requirements, DOL job analysts did not distinguish among reaching overhead, reaching forward or reaching below the waist or to the floor. Such differentiation is quite appropriate for a specific job position, but is difficult to assign as an occupational characteristic. Restriction to only occasional reaching with below average manual dexterity severely limits the pool of possible occupations (891 occupations maximum). This is often too limiting for rehabilitation purposes. See the frequency count table excerpts below.

Impact: Similar to the challenge of the one hand / one arm situation, use of the suggested characteristic settings increases the available pool of occupations to about 3,277 occupations total. Careful study of the suggested occupations is recommended. Selective placement and job modifications may be the easiest methods to expedite return to work.

Physical Demands - Frequency Counts [Full Table]

Below is the frequency with which each factor is rated in the DOT


 Aptitude Level - Frequency Counts [Full Table]


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