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Neck Rotation

Neck Rotation

Adjust Data-People-Things: Things: 2-Operating-Controlling; 3-Driving-Operating 

Adjust Physical Demands: Field of Vision

Adjust Aptitude E - Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination

Rationale: Some or all of these areas can be restricted by impairment of the neck. There are no specific neck rotation factors, so adjust one factor at a time to see if the the adjustments make sense to filter out possible problematic occupations.  Follow medical advice carefully, but try to assign ratings at levels anticipated with maximum medical improvement.

Impact: None of these variables is highly restrictive of the occupational database. Study the table excerpts below to determine the impact of each characteristic.

STRENGTH - Frequency Counts

Data-People-Things N %DOT
Operating-Controlling 2 1,774 13.90%
Driving-Operating 3 267 2.09%
TOTAL   2,041 15.99%


PHYSICAL DEMANDS - Frequency Counts

Below is the frequency with which this factor is rated in the DOT

Physical Demands   N O F C
Field of Vision FV 11,816 413 483 49
  % 92.59% 3.26% 3.8% .38%


APTITUDE LEVEL - Frequency Count

kneeankle aptitude

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