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Checking for Software Product Updates

For customers using SkillTRAN software, such as:

  • OccuBrowse
  • OccuBrowse +
  • Job Browser Pro

The update service is available to users with a current maintenance contract. Updates are available online through a utility program that is run by the software.

OccuBrowse, OccuBrowse +, and OASYS

You can set how often the utility runs by going to File > Preferences. The Auto Update tab displays your choices. The default is to have the utility run every time the application starts. You can have it set to check occasionally (10 days and 30 days are common choices). If you set it to Never check (Manual Only) then you will need to use the Help menu, Check for Updates command to update. 

If you have any difficulty updating OASYS, OccuBrowse or OccuBrowse+, click here to get the latest updater. When it has downloaded, click it to run on your computer.

Job Browser Pro

The update runs automatically when Job Browser Pro starts up.  Another program runs called Trueupdateclient.exe that checks the SkillTRAN site for fresh program or data files.  If an update is found, you will be asked if you want to continue with the update process.


If the update process does not run as expected, check to see if your anti-virus program is preventing it from running.  You can also contact SkillTRAN for Remote Support assistance during business hours. Give us a call at 800-827-2182 - Choose Option 2 for Support.  We will work with you to get if fixed up.  Be sure to have an internet connection and your computer ready when you call.  We can usually get this fixed in 5-10 minutes onee we are connected to your computer.

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