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Welcome to SkillTRAN Web-Based Services!

We have recently launched a completely new "Do-It-Yourself" web-based Transferable Skills Service. We are continuing the evolution of our web-based PREPOST service as well. Our modernizations give you the easiest experience and most comprehensive reports available. We have taken the opportunity to both simplify processes and maximize utilty.

Transferable Skills Service (TSS) is only $66 per report. The PREPOST for the same client is + $ 49.00 for a total of $ 115.00, with no charge for re-runs on the same client due to new functional information or the need to run multiple scenarios. Our web-based services run 24 x 7 except for rare and brief periods of computer maintenance or upgrade.

To run a report, we encourage you to print out and complete a two-page Case Preparation form. This will help you gather the needed information from your case files. Entering the data is super easy. We have help topics for every screen and there are also video instructions to help you better learn to use the services.   If you have questions about the form, call us and we can walk you through it. We also have a free DOT lookup so that you can quickly and easily find the appropriate DOT occupations in the work history.

We look forward to serving you!

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