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Lookup any occupation title from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles
(Fourth Edition 1991, amended 1998)

Labor Market Information (Wages and Employment Numbers), Employer Listings for Labor Market Survey & Job Search, and Current REAL JOB OPENINGS

SkillTRAN online products include access to a secure web-based service for obtaining Labor Market Information (LMI), employer listings and/or current Job Openings anywhere in the United States. Currently available LMI includes: 

  • Detailed Physical Demand, Environmental Conditions, and Occupational Cross References for all DOT occupations 
  • Quick lookup of occupational & labor market information for one or a group of occupations (without doing a skills or interest search) 
  • National Current Population Survey (CENSUS) Employment Numbers and mean and median wages for combined men and women, men only, and women only
  • National, Statewide, & Local MSA Occupational Employment Survey (OES) Employment numbers and mean and %ile median wages 
  • National Long-Term Occupational Employment Projections 
  • Employer Listings for cold Job Search and Labor Market Survey 
  • Real Job Openings - current and comprehensive 
  • Report Finder (FREE storage & retrieval of recent online reports)