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(Fourth Edition 1991, amended 1998)

Accolades and Peer Reviews of Job Browser Pro



Job Browser Pro is endorsed by the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP) since 2001 as "high quality, reasonably priced, and beneficial to IARP members".


"Although initially skeptical, this reviewer was amazed at the closeness of job numbers utilized in his practice with most of the job numbers projected in Job Browser Pro – Version 1.6. The Job Browser is an essential part of providing numbers of jobs for forensic testimony."


Joseph E. Havranek, Ph.D. - 2008


Once the vocational expert has identified those occupations that are consistent with parameters of the hypothet, software products such as SkillTRAN’s Job Browser Pro, will allow the vocational expert to credibly produce regional and national job numbers associated with these occupational titles only. Owing to the limited amount of time allowed for response, the vocational expert may not be able to identify all occupations and associated job numbers that are consistent with the hypothet but, more importantly, the testimony provided will be credible rather than illusory and sufficient to withstand, in this writer’s opinion, a Daubert challenge, meet the requirements of pertinent circuit court jurisprudence as well as SSR 00-4p.


Peter Lemoine, Esq. - Former SSA Administrative Law Judge - SS Disability Claimant Representative - 2012

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