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(Fourth Edition 1991, amended 1998)

Skills & Competencies

JOB BROWSER Pro includes skill and competency information from original research to build a proprietary set of skill and competency information about occupations. Use it for job descriptions, resume writing and employee, education, or on-the-job training plan development. The research initiative was undertaken since the development of widely known public Skill Standards for occupations is still being developed.

For all white collar occupations, the original research has led to the identification of a core set of skills and competencies which it has associated with clusters of occupations. These skills and competencies are drawn from a variety of national sources, including traits and abilities desired by employers in help wanted advertisements published in newspapers and web sites, from published public and private works on competency and skills research, from trade, licensing, and professional associations, apprenticeship standards, and U.S. and Canadian government data such as SCANS, existing skill standards, and selected O*NET data.

For both white and blue collar occupations, skill words are presented from the 1991 Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs to detail the common skills associated with each WORK field assigned to the selected occupation. Skill & Competency information is reported in JOB BROWSER Pro.  The information is helpful for improved resumé writing, training plan development, and job description writing. 

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Nancy Henderson
Answer. It is possible to do a mini-TSA using OccuBrowse on the Web. It takes a bit of work, but it can be done. Our new Transferable Skills Service should makes it debut soon. Call us at 800-827-2182 to discuss which is the better way to proceed for now.

Q. Is there anyway for me to generate a short TSA from the OccuBrowser on the Web?